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To approve the film of the week and day of the second-hand flight (12), you can opt for pornibus travel. But some users Boozer problems with tiiveram: na sexta-feira (9), a Agencia Nacional de Transportes Terrestres (ANTT) followed by small chains that operate on a clandestine transport platform.

Ibnibus's service from Buser (photo: Buser)

Ibnibus’s service from Buser (photo: Buser)

Batizada de Operation Pascal, due to ANTT launching the BR-116 in a proximity to the city of Italy (RJ). Oito vecculos foram apreendidos, maioria, se não todos, prestava servisko para a Buser. The destination commissions are included in the composition Nitheroi (RJ), Volta Redonda (RJ) and Huiz de Fora (MG).

А Buser não opera with very large. All inns, as well as the ones that are painted to be repaired or serviced, for tourism or entertainment companies that are platform-based.

As an accredited compression, as a vignette of the erection that follows as a model of “joint work”, the integration of the Egypt group of an academic association should be organized before going out to automatic work and realization of transactions for realization of business activity. Cabe à Buser atuar, por meu seu site e aplicativos, as a platform that phase of intermediation between two parts.

But, we declare enviada ao Diario to Transporte, ANTT argument is like the impression of your name ônibus apreendidos declares fascim viang of idea and magic compo group of tourism, mass, of practice, realization of trade ideas, operation that is allowed to accompany the transport that is regular.

О Diario to Transporte I posted videos that I did that conducted ANTT operation at all moments of tension. I want to use the best affirmation of Buser’s lawyer and accept the contract to arrest the law of conversation, if you have permission to test the contract for ANTT.

On the note enviada ao Diario to Transporte, affirmative action that advocates and contracted contractors on Buser try to atrapalhar or trabalho of their fiscais. “A public announcement of social activities for the selection of personal funds for the preservation of staff and outsao dos fiskais without the sum of the parts in the part of the ANT fiscalizer, the inclusion of the meridians of the legal cabinets”, amendment of the law.

Prokurada, Buser decided to say as his own operator, if you want to get a mandate from the current academic action for sect-feira pelo Regional Federal Court of the Tribunal and 3ª Registration to give preference to Fornasa Transport and Tourism, uma das empresas que tem vícul . Decisive visa for independent application for licenses to Buser Pella ANTT.

Before the federal Fernando Marcelo Mendes, “innovative technology, not controlled without a collective collective, inserted into the association and adaptation of amo mundo digital, continues and regularly takes care of the universals, continues and regularly does social and transport ainda mais concicaz ainda mais concicaz promoting a connection between a potential client and as impressions that are advertised for servicing service providers ”

However, the mandate is not limited to the time of avoidance and operation of the ANTT on the sexta-feira, but the men must guarantee the realization of ignibus ad Buser g Buser’s bus travel at full speed.

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