Android 11 is an audiologist with 90 Hz support and a T-shirt | An application is software

О Android 11 test exchange tests as well as version Developer overview 2 (DP2) most recently quarterly fair (18): resilient melchor system before network stabilization, during 90 Hz body temperature, junk movie application, and systemization. This software is installed on Google Pixel smartphones.

Android 11

Without Android 11, there is also an API for information ulngulo de inclinação de um celular dobrável; esse dado exige um sensor na dobradiça. In this form, the app can divide the interface into two wires that are 90 degrees thicker, for example. Go algo que provavelmente teve ajuda da Samsung: precisely adapt apps to display Galaxy Z Flip.

Dissolvers can be added uma update tax before seus or jogos apps: o Android 11 allows you to define the nation’s format for continuing to run at 60 Hz, 90 Hz or off frequency, as a guaranteed experience and fluidity.

Filando nisso, a new set of APIs to synchronize the movement of the interface of an app as a service virtually teclado. If applicable, here is a desktop change application, if you want to talk to understand it, if you want to do so.

Android 11 updates melhora privacidade and e

For privacy reasons, information and system applications should appear for Android 11 when accessing the camera and microphone on the first screen. The idea is to “guarantee and guarantee a portable portfolio,” according to Google. Also alarm, serial need to authorize the user to use the location, with the e / e and microphone in the second plan.

Truecaller cell phone spam

About Tampom Android 11 add and filter spam files. You can use new APIs to check the STIR / SHAKEN de uma ligação status; есеи padrões protegem contra counterfeit to the number of a phone.

Applications that are filtered as information patterns and motivation information before reacting uma ligação após isso ocorrer. Applications should also be personalized on a piece of paper before the user realizes how to mark a box as spam or add or number their contacts.

O Developer Overview 2 ADI uma trump cards estado up to 5G, in parallel with the application, saiba and types of row 5G, without qualifications for mobile phones. Ela pode ser de millimetricas, with major velocity and minor cobertura; or below-6 GHz, it travels at a speed of 1 Gb / s, and most of it is established by the signal.

After the film, how system updates ficarão menos incômodas. Android 11 continuous exigindo mind renification; such devices or applications are accessible or Credential Encrypted (CE). It is important to use and accurately determine application removal solutions for applications that use table reception functions, for example.

Android 11 distribute the body test tests on the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 and XL variants. Decordo com chronogram to Google, teremos from Developer Review in April, sequel to beta ema mayo and june; the final version is valid for the third trimester.

Android 11

With information: Google.

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