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Pandemic of coronavirus tem levado and cassos de prehos abusivos de etens gel, mascara and luvas. Pensando Niso, Senacкоn (National Secretariat to Consumer) and ema.-

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The lens is centralized or relatable to abusive prostitutes in electronic commerce. If you have customers before you get the norms, to do normally to make the product before you prevent the copy of the comments, e-mail, e-mail [email protected].

And needs a consumer without camping identification Asunto campaign “Juntos Contra Ofertas Abusivas”. Without corporate email, send URL, product abuse email, bem-como and pre-configured email, send email address.

It is communicated, associated with affirmations that replicate the practice of abusive words. “Trabalharemos junto à Senacon para coibir esses abusos e para auxiliar os critidores ea sociedade neste momentu luta”, afirma za na na na, Leonardo Palhares.

Coronavirus Afeta Mercado Livere and Amazon

Electronic commerce company algums are being added to avoid abusive meiosis and pandemic. Mercado Live is required for sale before it can be sold in front of the Dark Couture and Autism platform to be presented as a gel and mascara product.

Ampresa indicates the cancellation of the offer that should be realized within the disproportionate behavior before the present aromatization references. However, it is possible to find mascara ads with this term.

Before Amazon can be found and disbanded, discussions of producing products from the core process should be removed and coronavigation prevented before being misused. “I do not have money for superprinting Amazon prices”, affirmation emp Reuters, and ocasião.

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