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Hospitals in Italy are a lot of newly infected patients coronavirus. Uploading appointments at a Brescia hospital, not far from the country, left or esophagus the valves used in respiratory mascaras. By sorte, uma dupla conseguiu repor as peças fabricando-as em 3D printers.

Réplicas das válvulas (photo: Paola Pisano, Ministry of Innovation Technology to Italy)

Replicas of the valves (photo: Paola Pisano, Minister to Innovacao Technology to Italy)

Respirators are essential for patients who, in function Covid-19, têm dificuldades para obter oxygenjenenena naturally. Essential equipment that is important for the implementation of problems that the Brazilian government considers its own and the export of manufactured units in the national territory before the end or the risk of escalation of hospital stays in the country.

In Italy, a hospital in Chiari, efrenta is in demand for a mascara respirator that is estoke de uma valve usade nese tipo de aquipanto abapi rapido.

Searching for more than one unit, hospital receives information that the provider is still in stock and that no series can be produced at full speed.

Correcting the pace, the hospital searched for an alternative solution that, as it were, did not last long: a double by Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Ramaioli, by the Italian startup Isinnova, to provide an impressive 3D printing company for the production of the product for pros for for pros for vznavu.

The oil moment is doubled when it comes in double contact with the manufacturer of the valves soliciting or projecting the particle so that they can be impregnated as replicas immediately. Impression of the negative work within the production of commercial territories of the processor Fracassi e Ramaioli after patent infringement – ameaça de processo foi desmentida posteriormente.

Apesar dos opstaculus, double seguiu em frente. I agree, in about three hours, reproduce the valve in a three-dimensional model to initiate the manufacture of replicas with the urgency of 3D printing.

Original (esquerda is 3D and is impressive by 3%

Original (esquerda is 3D and is impressive by 3%

De serti. When it is clear that the replica is efficient, more units are produced. Without diagnosing December 14, 10 patients menu with which you want to get your respirators of impressions.

As the continent demand increased and the impressor of Isinnova leva around the clock to emit each valve, in Lonati, Italian company specializing in 3D impression, assimilation and production of dual units. With filament, as well as Isinnova’s equipment, Lonati impressor also used as a primer on plastic that receives impressions but quickly.

As much as possible to get a qualification of massive origin, you can get the opportunity for patients with precise treatment of emergency clinics, if you want to surpass hospitals in Italy, if you want to make impressive 3D performances.

No intention to play with replicas

Most valves for respirators used in 3D printers

Oh asunto teve aunt repercussion Christian Frakassi uses our Facebook before the explication, which is an element of Alessandro Ramaoli, I aspirate apenas and intuition to save the patient’s dose of vision, according to the assessment of continuity, as a result of the respiratory system.

“As dogs iam morrer, but n aps apenas cumprimos nosso dever. De fato, recusar [a impressão das réplicas] não seria um ato covarde, mas assassino ”, diz Frakasi.

On the middle note, the explicit impression that it does not have the intention of being light as the situation: [da válvula]”

Fracassi prefers new comments for das réplicas members. Information circle for unification of the price of 1 €, if you want to get the basic choice and the validity of the parquet is varios fataros involuntarily unwanted, compost gastos material energy, energy and mara debara. It is clear that these are assumed to be made by Isinnova and Lonati.

With information: Business insider Italy, 3D network printing media.

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