SpaceX envia mais 60 satelites Starlink ao espaço | Ciência

SpaceX Anonymous Nesta Quarta-Feira (18) concluded how it successfully passed 60 Starlink satellites. A wide range of Internet bandwidths that the company claims to offer all over the world, even though it is one of the United States and Canada.

This is the sixth Starlink satellite lot to be sent to Spain, sending or receiving a quarter of 2020. The Space X, the world’s largest free satellite operator, launched 360 units of its Internet system and claimed to be 42 miles long.

With the new launch, the company was able to record for the first time in the first phase of the Falcon 9: the drive, which should be completed as a potential angel, completed a vain mission. The company has not yet recovered an egg, but it does not fit as planned.

Outra part part reutilizável neste laçamento é a carnagem, que esteve uma uma ãsão de maioo 2019. A peça, que forma o bico do foguete, cobre os satellites dhe também foi recuperada pela Space X. mas esse plano falhou.

Ainda assim, a carenagem foi resgatada ao cair no mar e deverá ser reformada para novos lançamentos. Apesar de sua meta ousada, SpaceX has the authorization of the surrounding devices for 12 mil satellites and espaço and parts of the launch 6mil delles at at seis anos.

SpaceX launch

With information: TechCrunch, CNET.

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