Apple launched iPad Pro com sensor LIDAR and supports touchpad

А. apple announced next quarter (18) and new geração do iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 beds: A new A12Z Bionic processor is possible for the tablet, read your ultra-street sensor and LIDAR sensor with 3D sound, and thus choose a computer with experience and touchpad. Electric apartment of 8,499 US dollars quando chegar and Brazil.

This iPad Pro is currently new A12Z Bionic processor with the best no-chip graphics chip and thermal archiving for “the best example of everything or tempo on an iPad”, second to Apple. They are electric to use the best video commentary with 4K or 3D models.

The other novidade is us câmeras: há trés senores na traseira, insert 12 megapixels, 10 megapixels of ultraviolet, and en LIDAR sensor in front of media and environment-free distribution welfare. Aller disco, tablet agora features zinc microphones “with qualification for evaluation” before capturing the sons, but now.

Apple iPad Pro

О scanner LIDAR function in internal and external environments; he then analyzed objects at a distance of 5 meters. Isso fornece dados mais precise before the experiences of the realization of the aviation, which are not real in the world, are not real.

Use the ARKit API to use the LIDAR sensor for the iPad Pro if you have applications for automated file formats and precise motion compliments.

Apple iPad Pro

Other great news: support mouse and touchpad. Sim, the iPadOS vinha testando is also an ace of bilingualism, ago ara before valer. This is not an exclusive right to the new iPad Pro: if you have an iPadOS 13.4 serial tablet use the cursor options for your phone.

To purchase this functionality, you are new Magic keyboard embody with touchpad. There are possibilities for designing flute and perm circuits and bodies acima to teklado, austando o Inglulo de visio em 130 beans. Retro illuminates and uses a sealing mechanism with 1 mm or full pressure relief.

Apple iPad Pro

iPad Pro takes care of 16.8849 R $

Apple diz ao Tecnoblog you do not want to review the law for Brazil to make an iPad Pro (2020) and not get an official website; eles seguem abaixo.

11 beds:

Model Armazemento Precho but Brazil
Wi-Fi 128 GB $ 8,499
Wi-Fi 256 GB $ 9.4449
Wi-Fi 512 GB $ 11,349
Wi-Fi 1 TB $ 13,249
Wi-Fi + Mobile 128 GB $ 10,099
Wi-Fi + Mobile 256 GB $ 11,049
Wi-Fi + Mobile 512 GB $ 12,994
Wi-Fi + Mobile 1 TB $ 14,849

12.9 beds:

Model Armazemento Precho but Brazil
Wi-Fi 128 GB $ 10,499
Wi-Fi 256 GB $ 11.49 449
Wi-Fi 512 GB $ 13,349
Wi-Fi 1 TB $ 15,249
Wi-Fi + Mobile 128 GB $ 12,099
Wi-Fi + Mobile 256 GB $ 13,049
Wi-Fi + Mobile 512 GB $ 14,994
Wi-Fi + Mobile 1 TB USD 16.8849

The 11-slot EUA or iPad Pro comes in at 799 USD without Wi-Fi and 949 USD without model or Wi-Fi + Mobile. Econcunto is also available on a 12.9 tablet tablet priced at US $ 999 (or US $ 1,149 vs. mobile).

The new iPad Pro is available for 30 outlets, without an Apple website and app; e chegará às lojas físicas na semana que vem.

O magic keyboard, touch to touch, subject to replenishment, and that is the EUA of 299 USD (11 beds) and 349 USD (12.9 beds). Without Brazil, $ 2,999 and $ 2,999, ruthless.

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