Cases of phishing crescem at least 200% em tros anos, diz Google

Like ameacas de phishing but we tripled our last three years. So far, in 2017 and 2020, look for 2 million fake pages on login websites for logs, servers, creation cards, and Internet usage information. These numbers are provided by the Navigation Service of Segura do Google.

AbsolutVision / phishing / Pixabay / phishing attempt

Phishing, em and golpe, consist of multiple applications or websites that will appear, but visually similar images on the banking, English playing site, before dealing with your video, as well as an email message. From now on, criminos consume personal information, such as senhas, CPF, and so on.

Ex-type scam wem popularized nose Eltimos, comply with Google demonstrations. Ado, if you have phishing within 578.7 mil. From 1.8 mil. From 2017 to 2020, according to Google. Crescent of 211%.

Oh golpe the super and quantity of malware pages. Ainda de acordo com a ferramenta, esta tentativa de ataque through web-sites software to exceed 515.7 mil. For 23.5 mil. Without before. Qada de 95.4%.

О Google também dá dicas para não cair em phishing golpes. Secondly, the importer will be able to decrypt the email repository, “boas demais” offers and foreign sites – mainly with HTTPS.

Tecnocast 137 – For ouvir, insira or verification code

Have you configured the authentication of two stages in all or your devices? If not, you will be notified that this is the beginning of this episode of Tecnocast.

No episodes of chat with software to develop a variety of information about idiots if the digital world is not provided. Much of these people are attracted to WhatsApp, using the social media type album. Other, based on fake ads using banknotes and other services.

Looking for a saber or a phage for protection? Então dá o play e vem com a gente.

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