Mercado Livre vai coibir preço abusivo de clcool гел и маскара | Negocios

Nesta semana, o Mercado Live each attachment to the social network or to its logo aperture of more than a few to be closed, a reference to means of prevention of which coronavirus (Covid-19) What is the import, it is the companion of volumes of mediada, in front of the evitar abusus, as a store for gel and mascara is a sum platform.

Mercado Live - coronavirus

If you go to pharmacies or recent markets, you can see that alcohol’s alcohol gels add to the ingredients. When the item is locked, it is not too low or too low to be even higher than normal.

This is a recurring problem on the Internet, but so is Mercado Live, which alerts you to alert sellers, regardless of what you want to do with your platform update gel association.

As a publication of products related to the prevention of coronavirus, which, according to the disproportionate share of the price, is ultimately more than just a serendipity of the Merchant Book.

A company sales promotion board is expected to conduct direct coronavir transmission references before expanding and publishing information on modern means of prevention, as announced for the organization of the World Cup in the United States. Máscaras, for example, can be commercialized on the platform, even though it is not an virus or virus.

After all, the easy-to-find era is not limited to quarters (18), Mercado Livre’s mascara anchovies that stir dizeres as “coronavirus” and “anti coronavirus”.

Múscara announcement at Mercado Livre

Suspension of companies

Não são só restores. The Delivery Market also received announcements and suspensions of companies selling vendors for the commercialization of first-time needed products. Medida estará em vigor até 31 de março. Recommended to impress, suspension to test the subject for 690 million products from 39 million stores.

“Media’s objective work is a collaborator before the Prime Minister’s product, it is necessary to be precise according to the accuracy and bring the benefits for the sale of shops and comparisons, and not for the adatemic aspects of the specifications and contracts, to achieve a final forecast, to predict finally “without prior decision”, o Mercado Livre is new.

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