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You are about o new coronavirus, trigger yes COVID-19, Spam from foi markado como? Você não é o iconico: usuários do Facebook I report that publications with information about the blockchain have been blocked for some reason. Other assuntos assuntos também tiveram o mesmo destino.

Facebook (Photo: Max Pixel)

How to recommend surgiram nesta terça-feira (17). On Twitter, use Facebook questions as information to unify unlimited posting and posting on social media, social media commenting, and coronation-related links.

A falha também atingiu um member da equipe do Tecnoblog. Within 19:30, a post about COVID-19 was sent as a spam report: The post, not intended, was unlocked minutes after the review period.

Falha made Facebook

No bug-to-bug errors, follow infantile ratios or onwards. Align the observer o TechCrunch, as long as you link to posts that link to configured sites, such as Medium.

Created a social solution to solve mistakes before a gift film. Ale disso, todas as publicaciões bloqueadas já retornaram à normalidade, de chordo com o vipretetedetel na integgra направиi made Facebook, Guy Rosen.

“Renew yourself as a postman to remove additional information, turn on postal services without having them available – if you want to do KVID-19,” post on Twitter. “This is the problem with the system automation system, remove the links to abuse the pages, remove the mail from the mail.”

N seo se sabe quantos usuráos public publicaci fon foram atingidos pelo bug.

With information: On the edge, TechCrunch e Guy Rosen (Twitter)

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